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I met Sandra by chance in the summer of 2015. It was as if my energy body was crying out for some cleansing….
Before I knew it, Sandra had offered me a “Star of David” reading. And this is where our journey begins……

5 years ago I was in a state of total reactivity and confusion. My physical body was always out to please the status quo, while my emotional body was reactive, abrupt, confused and borderline bipolar, my mental clarity was clouded with everything going on outside of me and my energy (spiritual ) body was trapped in a labyrinth of illusion, detours and personal deception.
From the get go Sandra saw strait through all these coverups, straight through to my inner light and the pure little boy trying with all his might to break free of the cage that I had created for myself.

From our very first session together, Sandra hit the nail on the head! And was spot on with everything that came up! Even future endeavors that I would never had of guessed in my wildest dreams….

This gave me hope, and for the first time I knew it would take a commitment on my part to see where all of this could lead! It’s as if Sandra allowed me the opportunity to choose myself!!

After 5 years of spiritual mentoring, trips, endevours, journeys, classes, workshops, healings, gatherings, ceremonies and so so so much more! I can humbly say that I now have an inner knowledge of my different energy bodies, how to stay balanced within those bodies and that the journey to enlightenment is a journey within yourself! And that everything around you is just a reflection of the point of the inner journey that you are at, for growth, knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

Sandra has given me the gift of myself, in such a way that is so pure and unconditional, that the work that she allows to flow through her is undeniable!

Anyone considering Energy, Intuitive healing as a modality for personal growth, healing and or balance, please don’t hesitate to do so! It will be the best gift that you will ever give yourself!

If you are fortunate enough, as I was, to have such a beautiful soul as Sandra to facilitate this modality with you. Then do not hesitate! Trust your inner guidance!