Carolyn Gonzalez

Home Testimonial Carolyn Gonzalez

I had the pleasure of meeting Sandra about three years ago. My mom had met her through her place of work and had a reiki healing with her. For me, I had had other energy healings but it was my first time receiving reiki. Throughout my life, I have always been in search of a higher connection and when I met her, I had gone through different experiences that had taught me very difficult and important lessons. After my first reiki healing, I felt an immediate and genuine connection. Throughout my time working with Sandra I have received reiki, taken classes on reiki and mindfulness, and have most importantly found a true source of guidance in Sandra. Sandra has, and continues to be a constant source of support for me. I have felt that through healings and having conversations with Sandra I have gained true awareness of self. Working with Sandra has allowed me to identify my own strength and power to foster my own healing.

The past three years have brought many changes and lessons in my life and thanks to the guidance and healings I have received, I feel that I have been able to grow as an individual and improve the relationships in my life even through challenges. I could not be more grateful for all that I have learned through Sandra. Meeting Sandra has been a true blessing in my life!