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What is Reiki?

Rei Ki means, Universal Energy, “Life force” or “Vitality” Reiki gives you a deep relaxing resonance of peace that permeates the entire body, mind and spirit.


Reiki: 30 minutes $77.00
45 Minutes $101.00
60 minutes $ 111.00


3 Healing 60 minute reiki session at $88.00 paid in advance.
$255.00 Save $26.00 per session.
Ages 12 and under are free for reiki healing(Always accompanied by an adult.)


Energy Reiki Healing with Kabbalah

Explores the special relationship between the in-dweling presence of God through the 72 names of God, The 22 Hebrew Letters and the Divine soul healing with the Tree of Life and it’s 32 paths of enlightenment. This will open up your awareness to become conscious of how the relationship with yourself and the universe works.

Usui and Seichem Healing Reiki

The energy comes from one and only one life source. We could call it :The Creator, God, the Universe. Energy that comes from the central force of Earth, stars, and central sun in our galaxy. The 4 healing elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. One thing for sure is that when we come in contact with it, it vibrates so high into our system of energy centers and energy fields that creates a divine connection into our energy pathways that exist in all aspects of our being. This creates a ripple effect that initiates the beginning of emotional, mental and physical healing. A Divine voyage within your being that reshapes your environment and entire reality.
“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think of terms of energy, frequency and vibration”
Nikola Tesla

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Counseling and Life Coach Sessions

Sandra provides Mindfulness classes; in person or via zoom; individually or in a group setting. She provides certification classes for those who would like to become a Mindfulness Coach She shares skills and techniques to assist with anxiety, stress and emotional blockages.

“The relationship with yourself is as important as therelationship with all there is”                                                                 -Sandra Miagany

Counseling and Life Coach sessions $77.00
per one hour session
Students have 50% discounts (School I.D. Requierd) in all of
the services.
Seniors 66 and older also apply
“If you are in need of assistance, please do not hesitate to
contact us. We will do our best to extend our heart to you”

Mindfulness Classes :

4 week course 1hr 30 minutes (Meeting once a week).
Price: $355.00 no certification
Certification: $100.00 more
Book price: $25.00 extra

Mindfulness Course (No certification) with
3 healing 60 minutes reiki session
Price: $555.00
save more than $133.00

The 7 Mirrors of the Soul

The ancient knowledge from the Nazarene called the 7 mirrors of the soul. This knowledge will provide an awakening tool to heal past and present relationships, and most importantly the relationship with yourself.

The 7 Mirrors of the Soul Course
4 weeks One hour Class per meeting
Price: $311.11
Healing the past into the core of our essence.

Biomagnetism Therapy:

This is a therapeutic technique developed 28 years ago, by the great Mexican scientist; Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran. This technique focuses on establishing and maintaining general health conditions. It facilitates the prevention of pathological conditions, and serves as a complement for the basic medical treatments and the rehabilitation of the aftermath of a disease. The treatment consists of Positioning pairs of magnets in different areas of the body that are in magnetic resonance.

Biomagnetism Session Price:
30 minute session $ 77.00
45 minute session $ 88.00
60 minutes session $ 99.00


Pack of 3 30 minute session $ 66.00
Pack of 3 45 minute session $ 77.00
Pack of 3 60 minute session $ 88.00

Tibetan Feng Shui

Professor Lin Yun is the founder of this spiritual practice That embraces Buddhism and Taoism ancient knowledge. The Tibetan Feng Shui uses a Ba Gua also known as the Energy Map or Bagua Grid. It creates a balanced
atmosphere and a peaceful environment for everyone to enjoy. It also brings positive chi or energy for prosperity and growth. The practised of color placement as indicated in the BaGua as well as the integration of the 4 elements like plants and water will accent the flow of chi in your house or business. Feng Shui will also be used in conjunction with astrology. Harmonizing the energies of everyone involved.

House Healing (Clearing) with (Feng Shui)

Price: $333.00
2 hours per visit
Average size
More than 2200sqft call for details

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Kabbalistic Tarot card readings

The kabbalistc tarot card reading reveals an intimate relationship with the tarot and the esoteric knowledge of the Torah. 22 Major arcana cards and the 22 letters of the hebrew alphabet . In total 78 cards that provide an insight of the spread of the Tree of life and it’s vibrations for an accurate reading.

Kabbalistic Tarot Card readings with Tree of Life coaching
Price:  60 minutes $144.00

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