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All this Physical Training as well as Spiritual Training has taken form as she has become conscious and self- aware of all the energies inside of her. This in turn has made her
discover where she came from, who she is and the purpose of her existence.

“Knowing thyself is the beginning of all wisdom``


Reiki is to balance physically mentally emotionally and spirituality. Reiki is being use today in clinics and hospitals all over the world to support health, wellness and transition


Mindfulness Skills and techniques to alleviate and reduce anxiety,
stress,and depression. Release, mind, body and
emotional blockages to bring about change and prosperity
into your life.
“The Mind is everything, what you think, you create”


This is a therapeutic technique developed 28 years ago,
by the great Mexican scientist; Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran.
This technique focuses on establishing and maintaining
general health conditions.


The kabbalistc tarot card reading reveals an intimate
relationship with the tarot and the esoteric knowledge of
the Torah.


Professor Lin Yun is the founder of this spiritual practice
That embraces Buddhism and Taoism ancient knowledge.
The Tibetan Feng Shui uses a Ba Gua also known as the
Energy Map or Bagua Grid


Reiki Package

Most Popular


  • 3 Healing 60 minute reiki session
  • Save $26.00 per session
  • Ages 12 and under are
  • free for reiki healing .
  • Always accompanied by an adult.

Most Popular


  • Each session -$66
  • Pack of 3 Sessions.
  • 30 minute sessions.
Reiki I

Most Popular


  • 1 days class
Mindfulness Course

Most Popular


  • Mindfulness Course with
  • 3 healing Session
  • 60 minutes reiki session
  • Save more than $133.00
  • (no certification)

Most Popular


  • Each session -$77
  • Pack of 3 Sessions.
  • 45 minute sessions.
Reiki 2

Most Popular


  • 1 day class

Most Popular


  • 2 day class

Book $ 25.00

Tarot Card readings

Most Popular


  • Kabbalistic Tarot Card readings
  • with Tree of Life coaching.
  • Duration Each Session
  • -60 minutes
  • Tarot Card Reading Package

Most Popular


  • Each session-$88
  • Pack of 3 Sessions.
  • 60 minute sessions.
Reiki 3

Most Popular


  • 1 day class

Our Future Events

Trips to Egypt

Egypt is a place where myth and legend meets. I dedicated part of my life reading and researching about the existence of this culture.
I Never expected or realized that my interest in this culture stemmed from the roots of my existence. In my lineage I hold 5% European Jewish 3% Middle Eastern and 2% Northern Africa, Egypt. During my awakening and soulwork, I manifested a trip to Egypt, a place where the divine masculine and the divine feminine is portrayed as God and Goddesses. A must place to visit where everyone who finds themself in it, will honor and respect the unity of oneself with the universe. Having been fascinated with Egypt’s culture, History and mysticism has inspired me to create divine journeys which
will allow others in their pursuit of their own origins and soul expression to wholeness.

``Do a good deed and throw it into the sea.``-The Book Of The Dead and Egyptian Proverbs





Arrival at Cairo

Full Day of Visits in Cairo

We will also visit the Serapium, a place that contains one of the unresolved mysteries of ancient egypt, you will see a sarcophagus belonging to the God Apis, also linked to Osiris.

Full Day of Visits in Cairo

Departure to the Pyramids. On this day we will live one of the most impressive experiences of our trip, a meditation practice for the group within the great pyramid. We will not only visit the rooms of this sacred place in absolute privacy, but we will be able to connect with its wisdom and its mysteries. A gift from the universe to our soul.

Cairo / Aswan

Departure to the Pyramids. On this day we will live one of the most impressive experiences of our trip, a meditation practice for the group within the great pyramid. We will not only visit the rooms of this sacred place in absolute privacy, but we will be able to connect with its wisdom and its mysteries. A gift from the universe to our soul.

Excursion to Abu Simbul Temples

Departure at 04:00 AM to Abu Simbul, visit the temples of Ramsis II and his wife Queen Nefertari, bioenergetic practice connecting with the energies of the temple.

Kom Ombo / Edfu

Magical experience of navigating the Nile river, ascending through its life flow, and making different stops in temples that will allow us to know and activate more aspects of our own energy centers. We will make the first stop at the temple of Kom Ombo. A temple dedicated to the God Sobek, where we will see sculpted medical material that they used at that time and are still used today in modern medicine. We will see a nilometer at the Crocodile Mummies Museum. We will continue navigating towards Edfu, a temple dedicated to the god Horus. Here we can see the therapeutic formulas they used to make essences and medicines. Then we will return to the cruise ship and navigate to Esna Lock, (A lock with an 8-meter drop to the pass through a dam).

Denderah / Abydos

A very special day out of time, where we will see evidence of certain aspects of Ancient Egypt that do not match the official version.

An early departure to visit Abydos temple erected by Seti I in honor of Osiris. In this temple not only important scenes from the life of Seti I and Ramses II are depicted but it is where the famous royal lists are found, with the names of the 77 kings of Egypt from Menes to Seti I. Abydos itself was the religious center with the greatest pilgrimage in Egypt. Here we will learn about the “Mysteries of Osiris” the most important religious event of the year in ancient Egypt. Here we will be able to see the engraving of the famous FLOWER OF LIFE. We will talk about this symbol and perform a practice with it.

We will see the similarities in construction of parts of this temple with other constructions in other points on the planet separated by thousands of kilometers away. We can see with our own eyes, the hieroglyphs that have caused so much controversy, the so-called “Tanks Out of Time.” Everyone will draw their own conclusions. Then we will go to Denderah. The Denderah Temple is dedicated to the Goddess Hathor and its construction, which began at the time of Nectanebo I, continued until Roman times. The temple contains twelve decorated crypts, two hypostyle rooms and two funeral chapels. From one of these chapels comes the “Zodiac” of the Louvre Museum. We will see this representation of the Zodiac, and many other cosmic aspects that this temple will reveal to us. We will also see the famous hieroglyph that has sparked the entire debate about the source of energy used by the Egyptians in their constructions, Light bulb or simply a metaphor? Everyone can draw their own conclusions.

Luxor / Hurghada

A day dedicated to discover the magical and majestic city of Luxor. Today is a day to get an in-depth experience of the resurrection in the kingdom of Osiris. During the travel we will visit the western shore, visit the Necropolis of the Valley of the Kings, entering the tombs to view the fantastic paintings and learning about the texts and symbols that were used to guide and accompany the pharaoh on his way to the hereafter.

we will have time to enter some graves and admire their funeral art. Finally we will visit the temple of Queen Hatshepsut in the Deir el Bahari and the Colossi of Memnon, which survived the passage of time.

We will continue our visit to the eastern shore to visit the temple of Luxor. This temple is connected to Karnak through a majestic ram-headed sphinx avenue, symbol of the god Amun-Ra. This temple built in part by Akenathon’s father, Amenhotep III, is one of the places where they accumulated wisdom and it remains open. A large etheric library awaits anyone who is invited to enter. We will visit the huge and pharaonic Karnak Temple, dedicated to the God Amun we will see the great mysteries of the different pharaonic dynasties. We will connect with the Goddess Sekmet, goddess of war and healing. We will visit the resurrection beetle, the sacred lake used for ancient ceremonies, the holy sanctorum, hypostyle rooms with colossal columns. We will touch the imposing obelisks on this great day. After we will visit Sekmet’s temple.

We will then go to Hurghada by road (3 hours). Hurghada is one of the beautiful cities in Egypt, it was founded in the twentieth century and now it is a very attractive tourist site due to its unusual colored fish and coral reef. It is characterized by its magical atmosphere where you can sunbathe and bathe in the Red Sea. Enjoy the very interesting aquatic activities of diving, fishing and snorkelling.

Hurghada ( Desert Safari)

Then we head out of Hurghada for a 35 km drive via a 4×4 jeep through the desert of eastern Egypt to reach a Bedouin village. Here we can enjoy the sunset scenery while we have a barbecue dinner with a drink and mineral water. If time allows, we will do some energy practice.

Hurgada (snorkelling)

To relax on the island of Guiftun in the Red Sea. Here you can practice snorkelling through different areas of a coral reef where you can see colourful fish. You can participate in different water sports and activities.

Hurghada / Cairo

Return to Cairo. Arrival to Cairo and transfer to the airport to take the flight to return home.